Don’t settle for the bare minimum highschool A/V!

Throwing an event for your company is a tried and true method of connecting people, building a brand image, and generating excitement for your products and development.  Conferences hosted by multiple companies in the same field give you and your competition an opportunity to show off, push the boundaries of your abilities, and reward attendees with fun networking and stories to share.

Don’t settle for the bare minimum high school AV setup.  Here are ten reasons to go big or go home with your audio visual!

  • Audiences just expect more! Think of the last conference you attended.  Who was the keynote speaker? Were there any audio issues? Could you see them?  Certainly the open bar helps us relax, but a lot of us are left wondering how they could let the audio feed back, or if only there was a close-up camera on the presenter.  Make sure you invest in high quality audio and the full IMAG video production package!
  • Attendees have taken time away from work and families to be there.  Going to a conference may look like vacation to the skeptic, but really it is work, and is sandwiched by travel days and costs.  Respect your attendees time by giving them a great show! Then, when they are waiting in the airport, they can send cool photos to their kids.
  • Big stages shows confidence.  Large companies go big on stage and video displays, often buying into elaborate LED walls and massive 40’ x 40’ stages five feet off the ground.  From a distance, the person on stage looks tiny, but so does Shakira. It is the colored moving lights, fog machine, and booming subwoofers that really drive in the wow factor.  This is important! Rent a big venue with lots of power, and install a large stage.
  • Inclusivity is a requirement for the modern workplace.  That means accommodating the needs of others. There are many vendors that offer live captioning, sign interpreters, wheelchair ramps, etc.  These interpreters need mics, the captioning needs large high definition monitors, and the ramps are part of your staging. Don’t skimp on accessibility.  Did you know you can have live translators voice over the live stream for different countries? If you are an international company, break down this boundary in communication.
  • Everyone needs to hear.  Sometimes that genius you invited to speak to their amazing developments for a company has no public speaking experience at all.  In fact, this happens a lot. The AV can supplement their soft voice and help them project their words. It doesn’t really matter if they have good stage presence, we need to know what they said, and can approach them during happy hour to discuss further!

Respect your attendees time by giving them a great show!

CAD stage design rendering Repertoire Productions SF bay area silicon valley av company san francisco livestream google AVStumf google render

Your presenters have been dreaming of this day.

CAD stage design rendering Repertoire Productions SF bay area silicon valley av company san francisco livestream google AVStumf google render
  • Beautiful slide decks are a standard practice.  Now that widescreen high definition is the new standard, we’ve become accustomed to luscious photographs, original animations, and cute branded infographics.  These need to be brightly projected up high where everyone can absorb their content. These decks are carefully designed because it really does make a difference how text is aligned, and the color pallette of an entire deck.  Companies like Apple have set that bar really high, and when we look back on what power point slides used to look like, well, I’ll let you fill in the rest.
  • The majority of your audience will be looking through a camera.  Even in the room, everyone pulls out their phone and records or live streams the show.  The only thing cameras see, is light. Lighting a stage and the presenters is standard practice for even the most low budget stage show. Lighting is what makes someone look like a star, separates them from the backdrop, adds health and vigor to their skin tone, and ultimately looks better on camera, which is what thousands of people are watching.
  • Your presenters have been dreaming of this day.  That is right, for some, this is finally the day they get to brag about the cool stuff they do.  This is the day they will remember as being recognized and respected for years of hard work and dedication to a project or goal.  Even for the experienced presenters or keynote address, this is part of their career and image! There is momentum built into the process so do your part and keep the ball rolling.
  • AV is actually getting cheaper.  Just like cars, food, and relationships, automation and digitization have reduced building costs considerably, so we add more features to keep value high.  What used to take an army of technicians to build in two days, now takes a small team to setup in one morning. But hiring an army is fun and money needs to flow to keep the economy strong!  So embrace the new features, and enjoy the show.
  • Last minute additions and requests are GOING to happen.  Don’t be stuck without a certain key position or type of monitor because you only wanted to pay for the absolute minimum.  It is easier to say yes to unforeseen requests if you already have all the bells and whistles set up.

I hope you found this list useful and fun.  Here at Repertoire, we don’t mark up basic features.  We strive to bring you the event AV you want. We’re working through the event just like you, so feel free to reach out and talk about what your vision is.  We can even give you an online form that allows you to answer a series of useful questions that keeps track of every aspect to the production. This is the same list we would ask you over the phone, but now you can get to it at your convenience. Send us an email! info@repertoireproductions.com


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