February 2019

Don’t forget about Post!


In the fast paced world of live events, it's all about creating a memorable experience, nailing the show and then moving onto the next one. It's super easy to forget that whenever you shoot an [...]

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To P or not to (60) P


To P or not to (60) P The Sony Fs7 can output progressive video from 24-60p in UHD or up to 180fps in HD. Video is one of the fastest changing technologies on the [...]

To P or not to (60) P2018-02-15T21:02:00+00:00

10 Great Ways to Improve Event Audio


10 Great Ways to Improve Event Audio Modern live events can take advantage of the latest technology in cameras, streaming, projection, and LED walls.  Interestingly, lighting and audio are not much different than they [...]

10 Great Ways to Improve Event Audio2018-02-15T21:01:21+00:00

March 2017

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