Conference AV Services

We want your event to be welcoming and motivating. Let’s work together to plan an event that leaves attendees feeling accomplished. Most of all, let’s make it fun! Unless it’s a heavy metal concert. If it’s a metal concert, loud and sweaty will suffice. Above all, a conference is intended to facilitate new connections and shared ideas, and Repertoire is the catalyst that can harness even the most ambitious floor plans and presentation technologies to bring industry professionals together. #checkthisoutmom

Technology, Entertainment, Design

Conferences give companies a chance to launch their latest products, ideas and vision. (In Don LaFontaine’s, “in a world” voice) In a world, filled with tech companies, product launches and VC firms. A new company with a bold vision had a product that wasn’t going. But it wasn’t going to be bossed around by bigger tech companies. They had a product, so innovative that it was going to disrupt the world. And they had a secret weapon. And that weapon was Repertoire, and Repertoire was going to help this small (but hella well funded) team release their product to the world with the splendor of 10 TED conferences.

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