Do I Have to Hire the Hotel AV?

A lot of event planners find themselves asking, “do I have to use the hotel AV?” In short, no. The reality is that the hotel AV doesn’t even work for the hotel. Hotel AV companies pay 50% of all of their gross budgets to the hotel, plus a signing bonus, to get in house access to the hotel. This is why it’s so expensive, and the service is poor. Hotel AV companies finds itself positioned on convenience – like a 7-Eleven. They have a short list of capabilities, is way more expensive, but it’s right there. Hotel AV hopes you won’t notice that the pricing is more than double what it should be. So, Audio Visual companies have to charge twice what an outside vendor could to do the same job. So, this leaves Repertoire Productions the opportunity to do the same job for much less money, or more than double the quality and service, for the same price. Don’t be like Chad, avoid this classic production blunder, and never be forced to wear more flare!

Hire a Production Company, not the Hotel AV

In general, Audio Visual Production companies are positioned to offer better service, more qualified crews, better event design, and of course, higher end equipment. When hiring an AV production company, the budget allocated to your crew, actually goes to the crew. Because we don’t have to give 50% of your budget to the hotel, we can either do the same service for about half the price, or increase the service level to double. Better crew, better gear, better selection, better service. Repertoire’s crews are available for higher quality pre-production, service, production and post-production. AV staging and production companies generally bring in the staging and audio visual equipment that you need, and don’t try to sell you something, “in house.” As a competitive production company, we always have a much more experienced crew and better gear than a Hotel AV company.

Don’t be a Chad, Hire Repertoire

In the video, we see Chad suffers the side effects of high costs and low value for his production. Don’t be like Chad, avoid this classic production blunder, and never be forced to wear more flare!

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