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The Art of Capturing Live Event Video

Filming a live event is a radically different and exciting way of thinking about video capture. A moment only happens once, and if you’re going to be ready for them you’ll need master camera operators and a capable technical director managing the technological symphony that can be recorded, live streamed, broadcast event, sent to the projection screens, or all of the above. With our knowledge of live video, we bootstrapped our way into owning a warehouse filled with millions of dollars of 4K and HD video equipment that captures stunning images. These cameras are placed on our buttery smooth fluid-head tripod and skilled operators follow the action of even the most demanding presenters. That video will be captured in Pro Res (high data post production codec) media and sent to our multi camera switching solutions for use as a live cut program record and live stream. To top it off with a cherry, we own crystal clear, zero delay, communication systems (Clear-Com) that connect the entire technical department. Staying in communication about every moment in a show. Contact us for live event video services around the San Francisco bay area. We fly operators to remote locations as well, so if you are not in the neighborhood, give us a ring and see what we can offer!

Producing Important Event Video,
You’re in Good Hands

There’s a reason that we are the go to company for some of the Silicon Valley’s biggest Tech companies. Getting one event video gig is a big deal for us. Getting called back to work with these incredible, game-changing companies hundreds of times is a testimonial to the fact that we motivated, reliable, and we love our clients.

Producing Videos with Corporate Empathy

Give us a call, and we’ll demonstrate something we call, corporate empathy. We do everything we can to listen to the client. To understand the needs of the client. The pain points. Moments of joy. Then, we do everything to really understand client needs so we can better deliver on those needs.

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