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Your vision, rendered in 3D before we uncoil a single cable.

At Repertoire, we design and plan events in meticulous detail using a CAD program called VectorWorks, the industry standard CAD program for building 3D layouts for live events. We pre-plan and render illustrations of every aspect of your event, down to individual chairs. Circles in the round for 500 people, with room for the wait staff, check. Our on-staff engineer can walk you through the process and help design a full 3D model that will make everything from load in to strike (tear-down) more efficient and organized. Repertoire can help you visualize the creative process and produce a show that, quite literally, looks like no other.

Next Level Event Vectorworks CAD Drawings

Drawing an event in 3D vectorworks has a plethora of benefits. First of all, we’re able to design the event with the industry standard audio visual and lighting equipment, in the exact location we have available to set it in. For example, an industry standard light is the Leko Source 4. We can actually 3D model the CEO and light them with the industry standard lights in the position available in the venue. This is cool from a visualization perspective as well as practical from a design to fabrication perspective. Sometimes venues have their little quirks. That’s why we 3D model the entire building with the existing architecture in tact, we can perfectly measure sound, lighting and audio levels, throws and angles, so there’s no surprises on set.

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