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Why Live Production?

As I’m sure Bill O’Reilly, or Mariah Carey would agree, doing it live can be stressful. We can avoid the meltdown he experienced by clearly communicating expectations about every cue. Live event sound comes with many challenges, some of which are impromptu performers and presenters, bad speaking habits, and sudden increases in vocal volume. Live video also has a unique set of challenges that we understand well, such as tight transitions, nailing lighting cues, mixed signal flow, and last minute content additions. Repertoire has produced over 1,000 live live streamed or broadcast projects including over 25 TEDx events, launching EA’s Battlefield 3 and 4, running simultaneously broadcast stages for CBS at E3, dozens of high profile tech launches, and a very highly produced live stream to wish mom a happy birthday. Thanks Mom!

Don’t Take Chances, Hire a Proven Team

When you pay for experience, essentially you’re getting a team that’s already made the mistakes that learning the live event world offers, on someone else’s shows. Years ago.. What makes Repertoire especially awesome is our constant access to gear and a runner for emergency warehouse runs. We’ve seen cables get torn, monitors broken, and lenses forgotten. None of these issues prevented us from doing a live show, because it must happen. The intensity of live and the imperative snowballing of content and progression is part of why a live event and production is so interesting to witness. Movies are perfectly edited and musical recordings properly balanced. When something is live, we feel, see, and hear, every nuance and irregularity. Perfection is the goal, but reality throws curve balls every time. You have got to think on your feet. Repertoire thinks on its feet all around the greater San Francisco Bay Area. We have done live productions in all the major venues and for most of the major businesses. They trust us, and so should you. Reach out to us today.

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