What do your local news channel & Star Wars have in common?

Green screens. Green screen compositing has truly revolutionized film and video production. By taking a foreground subject, removing the background, and replacing it with virtually any image or video, the compositing possibilities are endless. One of the biggest challenges with green screen work is visualizing what the final composited image will look like.

At Repertoire, our Newtek™ TriCaster production systems give us the ability to live chroma key so you can see the final composite image live. Throw in the ability to record high bit-rate video and Repertoire Productions becomes the perfect source for green screen production.

A big area of recent development for live chroma keying is the use of interactive elements composited into an engaging live stream. Typically this is done in game broadcasting as famous personalities chroma key themselves over their screen capture and let you watch them play.

Recently, we used this technology to help a client with a last minute request. They wanted to display lyrics for a song on imag and in the stream, as if they were subtitles in a movie. Without being able to bring extra gear on set, we created a power point presentation in green with the lyrics in yellow text in the bottom lower third. Then, using the Tricaster, we chroma keyed out the green, and the lyrics appeared burned in as if it were transcribed!

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