Corporate Video Production

Every frame matters in a film. Producing a video that will speak to your audience requires the right soundtrack, sound library, the color grading, the transitions, motion graphics, professional lighting, the hottest equipment, and stand-up crew! The brain can detect even the most subtle elements out of place. Make sure your audience hears the message in your video content. Repertoire will take everything we know about making films, and apply it to your corporate video production.

Event Video Service

If you’re producing an event in the San Francisco Bay Area, it’s very likely you are already spending an arm and a leg. So why not have the best team available produce the video for your event? We can get time lapses of the setup, film man on the street testimonials, broadcast style live stream the keynote event, and get b-roll, drone shots and exteriors. We can work with you in the pre production, principal photography, broadcast, and of course, edit to the perfect codec for Youtube.

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