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Immersive Audio Visual Staging

Repertoire is a full service audio visual staging company serving the San Francisco Bay Area. We provide immersive AV solutions for parties, events, and productions as well as projection mapping, video production, multi camera broadcast, live streaming, webcasting, and video conferencing. You name it, we have done it.

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Immersive Technology, Engineering, Stage Design

We take pride in being a rag tag team of socialites, musicians, filmmakers, designers, and engineers. As an immersive audio visual and staging company, our goal has always been to combine technology, entertainment and desisn. Approproately, we’ve now sponsored the audio visual, film production and stage management and design for over 25 TEDx events in the Bay Area. We accept the challenge of producing TEDx events because we love designing shows and having the ability to take creative risks. For us, this is what we call, Repertoire Labs – Technology, Engineering, Event Design. Our event philosophy is inspired our almost decade of involvement with TED, which stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design. We’d like to think that having produced the first ever independent TED events, TEDxSF, we might have had an influence on TED too.

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