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UHD Video Production on Display at Your Event

At Repertoire, video production is at the core of what we do. Any audio visual company can make and display video, but a beautiful high-resolution video takes a professional team with decades of combined industry experience. Our team of filmmakers and engineers can help you through scripting your story, pre production, principal photography, to editing, color grading and motion graphics. Then, we can display your content on literally any size or shape or resolution video wall, projection screen, or projection map it on a custom surface. We use the latest 4K UHD, HD cameras and projection blending technology to accomplish this bleeding edge trend in video.

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Producing UHD Content for Events

You’d like an 80 foot wide projection screen at your event? We say, yes ma’am! How high? We start with the technical direction, math and engineering. Once we calculate tech parameters, we loop in our super creative and tech-savvy filmmakers and content producers. Based on our experience, and the custom 3D renderings we create, we know that 80 foot wide screen will look fantastic with content displayed 8000 pixels wide (8K). 8K resolution imagery is 4 times better resolution than UHD – 16x higher resolution than iMax. Yeah, we can do that. We can make, and project content 16x higher resolution than iMax, at your event or party (#baller). Producing this content requires special cameras, high-end post production machines to produce the content. For example, we can get 8K lapses using a Sony A7R MK2. Throw this camera on a 3 axis time lapse slider, and boom. To get 8K video, we presently film on the RED Weapon 8K S35. These are high level custom jobs, and we’ve been doing this kind of work for years.

Displaying UHD at Events

Large venue UHD displays require high-powered video playback machines, high-end switchers, scalers and a high-level understanding of projection mapping hardware/software and video display machines. Our filmmakers and creatives are obsessed with playing and mastering with the ever evolving tools to capture 8K resolution. We’ve been producing UHD content since long before there was a place to display it, and we’ve been displaying UHD content since long before you could buy a UHD TV. And, our team is hard working, professional and fun to work with. We even smell good, and bring licorice to set.

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