Will LinkedIn Start a Live Streaming Service?

We are familiar with Twitter’s Periscope, YouTube Live, and Facebook Live services.  These companies have spearheaded a new wave of social interaction online through the use of live streaming.  You can easily stream directly from your mobile device, or you can use more complex encoders and video production to make a professional broadcast.  Last year, LinkedIn started a program to allow influencers to stream 30 second videos, and then offer a video player for the rest of us to post videos on our feeds.

So when will LinkedIn let the rest of us stream?  The demand is certainly there.  Facebook is a fantastic place to stream and has quickly become the favorite, but LinkedIn prides itself on being the professional network.  For most of the higher budget live streams we execute for clients, the content is very professional and worth watching even at work!

Live streaming on LinkedIn would open up major opportunities for your company and employees.  Company pages and marketing professionals will float to the top of the feed stack, stand out from the noise, and give incentive and purpose to visiting the site.  There is also opportunity to provide YouTube level video quality in a Facebook type social environment.  Facebook only allows 720 30p video (now considered low end HD) and places restrictions on content length, multicasting, and rehearsals.  Likely Facebook is heavily favoring the mobile user interface as videos in lower quality and shorter length are suited for a mobile experience on 4G or LTE networks.

Arguments against LinkedIn streaming service are varied. Clearly I am heavily in favor of LinkedIn starting a streaming service.  If any employees capable of nominating this project are reading, please give the people a live service!  As devil’s advocate, perhaps a LinkedIn Live service would introduce less professional content to the site? It is likely exponentially more difficult to monitor live video content than text, so perhaps LinkedIn couldn’t manage the streams and would fault the company mission of professional network.

The announcement was more than a year ago, so this project is taking its time.  If the market and demand are vocal, there is a good chance it could be released sooner!  Especially if Microsoft can be convinced to make it a priority.




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