Crazy AV Ideas No One Tries! And Maybe Shouldn’t?

Corporate events are prevalent in the San Francisco Bay Area.  The entire peninsula is host to one large meeting after another.  These meetings use roughly the same technology and designs as every other meeting.  Why reinvent the wheel? It works well to have wireless microphones, large HD projection, and live streaming video.  Repertoire has been serving this community with these techniques well, but in the spirit of technological advancement, disruption, IOT, art and theater, here are some crazy ideas out there no one is trying.  And maybe for good reason…

Advancing Slide Decks with Gestures

Typically we use the perfect cue remote for presenters to subtly advance their slides.  Instead a presenter could use gestures to grab content, manipulate it in space for the entire audience to see, and communicate complex ideas and connections visually through body movement.  This technology is possible with wireless sensors for muscle activation.  This would be very engaging, as well as allow opportunity for audience participation in rewarding and groundbreaking ways.  It also makes your CEO look like Tom Cruise from Minority Report.

Streaming with Live Studio Audiences

Laugh tracks are added to rehearsed scenes because the live audience can only laugh at a joke so many times.  However, the set design is built for camera and actors, leaving room for a live audience to feed energy back to the performance.  This is an age old production technique that is perfect for adapting to live stream.  News studios and sports announcements are already broadcasting this way, but corporate guest lectures and product demos would be a great fit as well.  This needs a smaller intimate stage, sound proofed and with speedy internet, but none of those things are hard to find with an experienced production team.  Streaming is the new TV!

Theater in the Round

All executives and presenters have different speaking styles, and some like to be with their people.  Theater in the round is a interesting style of surrounding the stage with audience, so that the performers address all sides and part of the audience gets to see itself.  Every direction is up and down stage. Executives that want to really engage with their company can set up four projectors and the presentation will feel like a large scale, 360° show.  The other benefit of this experience, the audience can observe itself engaging with the presentation, and when the valuable Q&A comes around, it transforms a presentation into an engaging meeting with the executives.

Audience Created Content

Sales teams especially need to get together to practice their methods and technique.  They can become very involved with their clients professionally and sometimes a little personally.  This kind of connection should be practiced and controlled.  Instructors need to lead a class through concepts, but sometimes the class needs to participate and try the concepts out.  By providing a surface or interface for an audience to display images large on screen, individual expressions and ideas instantly become big picture.  It is easily possible to connect any interactive video device to a projector and AV companies can build the infrastructure to make it useable and safe for large audiences.  What could your team do with this tech?

Audience generated highlights and edits

So many people are using Instagram and Snapchat to create funny images and videos to share.  These apps allow the user to edit content, and present it.  Why not allow your audience to generate their own highlights and summaries? They will catch moments that really resonate with the company culture, politics, and big issues companies meet to discuss.  Certainly we at Repertoire are experienced in building highlight reels and editing content, but we can’t know what it is like to work at your company.  Why miss the inside knowledge?

Orchestra Pit Tech Table

At the Opera and Ballet, the orchestra producing the music is in a pit at the front of the stage.  From there, the conductor can watch the performance and guide the musicians without visually obstructing the audience.  It would be quite interesting if the AV crew were seated up front and the audience could watch them load presentations, switch cameras, call cues, and alter the lighting level.  What normally happens behind the curtain, now exposed for all to see.  I am sure having the audience peek over your shoulder is the last thing any tech wants, but it is a big part of the show and ultimately what the company is paying for.  Maybe it will help the employees gain exposure to professional presentations?  Usually the tech table contains a lot of cool devices with pretty blinking lights.  Not too distracting, but fun and very techy.

What are your AV ideas no one is really trying? Repertoire would love to offer its experience and knowledge to assist you with your next project.  We have designers on staff that can develop your concepts in 3D, manipulate elements virtually, and accurately quote every production element.  Granted, if no one is using these ideas, it might be for a good reason, but in the days of disruption and change, we need to push the envelope and challenge the standards.  Get in touch with us to develop your next event.

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