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John Espey By John Espey
We rent the TriCaster 8000, 460, and minis:  Please refer to our rental site for wholesale pricing (for producers only):

TriCaster 8000 rental includes:
  • TriCaster 8000
  • TriCaster Keyboard
  • TriCaster Mouse
  • Power
  • Heavy Padded Pelican Case
  • (See our TriCaster Flypack Bundles)

TriCaster™ TCXD8000 NewTek line of portable live production systems. This rack mount system is suitable for desktop and portable live production. TriCaster 8000provides the highest quality, 32-bit floating point with 4:4:4:4 video processing and supports high definition (HD) and standard definition (SD) video in resolutions up to 1080p, as well as live web streaming in resolutions up to 720p. Whether you work with a team or operate on your own, TriCaster is easy to learn and provides the following benefits:

Video Input

8 Simultaneous Inputs.
Any Combination of: HD-SDI, HD Component, SD-SDI, SD Component, Y/C (BNC) or Composite.
HD-SDI Video Conforms to SMPTE 292M and SD Video Conforms to SMPTE 259M and ITU-R BT.656.

Audio Input

8 x 2 Balanced XLR at Line and Mic Level
8 AES3/EBU BNC Connectors
8 SDI Embedded Analog Audio Levels Conform to SMPTE RP-155
Phantom Power Option

Video Output

3 HD/SD-SDI, 3 HD/SD Component, 3 Composite, 3 Y/C (BNC)
HDMI Output, User Interface VGA/DVI Output, Aux VGA/DVI Output

Audio Output

4 Balanced XLR (Program Out)
4 Balanced XLR (Auxiliary Out)
2 AES/EBU (Program Out)
3 SDI Embedded (Program Out)
1 Stereo 1/4” Headphone Jack

Video Processing

32-Bit Floating Point, YCbCrA 4:4:4:4

Audio Processing

32-Bit Floating Point, 96 kHz, 4 Channels

Supported Formats

NTSC: 1080/30p, 1080/24p, 1080/60i, 720/60p, 720/30p, 720/24p, 480/60i (16:9 and 4:3)

Recording Capacity

~ 50 Hours 1080i 59.94 ~ 155 Hours 480i 59.94 4 Trayless SATA III Removable Drive Bays for Unlimited Recording and Backup Capability


Numerous Preset Bins (includes individual production sessions)

Video Ingest

1, 6-pin IEEE FireWire®


DB15 Connector for 8 PGM Row Tally Lights

iVGA™ Network Selections

2 Channels Dedicated to Separate iVGA™ Sources (select instantly from unlimited network sources)

Network Connection

1GBit Connection for Network Inputs and Streaming Output

Virtual Set Support

Yes – 18 HD Virtual Sets Included (using proprietary NewTek LiveSet™ technology)

Virtual/Mix Channel Overlay

1 per Channel, Upstream with Keying, Effects with Positioning, Scaling, Cropping, and 3D Rotation

Virtual/Mix Channels

8 Independent Channels with Presets

Main Overlay

4 Downstream Keys with Independent Effects with Keying, Positioning, Scaling, Cropping and 3D Rotation

Media Player

2 DDRs, Stills, Titles, Audio Player (all video sources provide output with alpha channel, for use in overlays, virtual sets, etc.)

On-Screen Preview Monitors

“All Sources,” “Computer Sources,” “Camera Inputs,” “Preview and FX” or “Scopes with Switchable Input” (full-time, tabbed – all run at full field rate)

Projector Output

Yes – 16:9 and 4:3 Aspects

Projector Resolutions

Up to 1920 x 1200

Full HD 720p 16:9 Streaming

Live Streaming with custom RTMP and plugins for Facebook Live and YouTube

Waveform Monitor and Vectorscopes

Full Field Rate with Color Preview

Record to Disk

Simultaneous Recording of Full Resolution MPEG-2 and Archive of Web Stream

Integrated Character Generator

Nonlinear Editor

File Formats

AVI, DNXHD, DV, M4V, MPEG-2, QuickTime, H.264, HDV, JPG, PNG, PSD and More

Render Outputs

AVI, DV, MPEG-2, MP4 (iPod and PSP), QuickTime

Form Factor: 4U Rack Mount (with optional rails)

Redundant Power Supply, Yes

Drive Bays: 4 Trayless SATA III Removable Drive Bays, with Hot Swap Support

Accessory Options: TriCaster LC-11, TimeWarp™ and LiveText™