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Ready camera one, TAKE!

Live cutting cameras is an exciting and creative method of building engaging content on video. The technology behind multi camera video production has improved a great deal over the decades, and is now easier than ever. At Repertoire we have a full line of Tricasters, which take up to 8 camera inputs as well as network, audio, and internal video playback. Combined, the technology we have is perfect for a live sports broadcast, TED talk, news studio, and live gaming e-sports.

Using crystal clear audio in com headsets, the entire production crew can collaborate on genlocked and synced signal sources, while show callers manage the show flow, technical directors are leading the charge in the crew, and you, the client, are basking in the glory of an excellent production.

One example of a creative multi camera production we designed, was to cut to a reporter giving immediate highlights and stats, inviting audiences through call to action, and simultaneously giving our hosts a break, but keeping the action. This professional style stream is an automatic expectation of video audiences. It can seem daunting to new comers, but once learned, is a rewarding skill set and experience.

George, Colin, and Jake are managing graphic assets, four live cameras, audio inputs, and show flow for the Hearthstone release.
Live video game content is challenging this market in exciting ways. Game broadcasters are incorporating live chat windows, chroma keying, and even multiplayer screen views so that the viewer gets a totally informed and interactive experience. Many of these game broadcasters are investing in technology like entry level Tricasters to get a foot in the door. If you call us, you will have access to the top of the line models and an experienced producer that knows how to do all of it.


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