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Large Audience Live Streams

When Repertoire live streamed the E3 product launch in HD for EA’s Battlefield 4, over 2.5 million fans tuned in. Repertoire helps companies live stream to audiences on Facebook Live, Twitch, Livestream, Ustream, Youtube Live or on custom CDN’s . This is the golden era of live streaming and we encourage all of our clients to benefit from it. We’re happy to talk to you about how your company can benefit from the right live streaming package and CDN for your needs.

Full 1080p Stream to YouTube Live

Every stream needs information, calls to action, and opportunities to engage. By using a host of screen overlays and transitions, the viewing experience of the live audience, the stream audience, and even the playback audience will all be specific for their viewing space.

Full 1080p Stream to YouTube Live

Our advanced streaming hardware is able to send any resolution and bit rate to any content publisher. We have extensive experience with RTMP uploads and stay up to date on the current features of popular streaming platforms.

Corporate Culture in HD

In our experience, the most effective use of live streaming is building and supporting corporate culture. When your company live streams important meetings, employees are able to engage and collaborate more easily than ever. Strengthen your business culture by showing team members the fine grain details. Keep them visually informed and involved. We have written articles about live streaming and live event AV. If you are curious about any aspect of production, check out our tips and experience!

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