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Engage your fans on Facebook Live

This is a golden era for live streaming. You need a production company that knows every element of the live stream process. Currently, Facebook sends automatic notifications to all of your followers and friends when you go live. It may never be this easy to stand out from the crowd and be noticed live again. At Repertoire, we are always urging our customers to take advantage of this opportunity. If the live stream should be public, then put it on Facebook Live and reward your fans and followers with engaging audio visual content.

Content delivery networks are developing new technology to reduce the latency between stream and viewing time, as well as improving the resolution available and keeping the stream responsive to individual connections. This is a daunting task, and why the tech industry is so large and complex. For the event producer, it should all be good news! That is because their efforts are only helping you get your video broadcast out there sooner and cleaner.

At Repertoire, we have a perfect track record of quality live streams. We own the best technology to make sure every second of video looks the best it possibly can. That is because every frame matters. We serve the entire bay area and even fly to Houston, Vegas, Austin, Phoenix, New York… the list goes on! So what are you waiting for? Start live streaming to Facebook Live today!

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