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Build a Beautiful Stage for Engaging Content

Creative pre-visualization of a stage design is key to coordinating teams on big projects. Your event needs to look and sound better than previous events, and stay fresh with modern expectations. At Repertoire, we use 3D design software to create CAD stage renderings so you can understand exactly what the event entails.

On a recent event at SF Jazz, we custom fabricated more than 20 different stage pieces, and installed crisp clean carpeting on the venues unique stage configuration. We also hunted down the best sources for printed banners, and our creative director personally examined test materials to select the best type for the event.

These methodical and detail oriented steps are part of good design, and the remaining part is having an in depth understanding of real production techniques. While developing a vision for the stage, we can virtually build the stage using common materials and create a shopping list right of the design. This saves the client time and money, and makes everyone look like a hero on set. All part of the Repertoire experience.

We serve clients anywhere in the greater bay area from Napa to San Jose. Reach out to us for inquiries and we’ll get back to you within the hour.

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