Live Experience.

Video-Centric Live Event Production

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Repertoire is an award winning, video-centric event production company. We were on the forefront of changing how TED talks are produced. Our fresh teams and technologies help our clients deliver a meaningful live experience... that lives on.

Live Event Production

User experience is paramount. The experience is catered to the live attendees, webcast viewers, and lives on through the post event video highlights and keynotes.

Multi-Camera Multimedia Webcast

Think Apple iPhone launch. Perfect for public product launches or for executive driven private meetings that create corporate culture. Deliver the message more effectively than ever before.

Full Service Production

We work with you and the venue to ensure an event's success. We will 3D map the space to optimize the audio, projection and video. We will deliver the content from the event, optimized for your delivery method.

Video-Centric Live Event Production

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Repertoire Live

Video-Centric Live Event Production

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Today's Technology

Technology works better when it's paired with the right engineers and technicians. We have all of the bases covered.

Honest Pricing

Having the best value doesn't mean the lowest price. Otherwise, we would all eat off the 99 cent menu. We're positioned to deliver a premium product, for a competitive price.

Easy to work with

We're plain talkin' people, with midwestern values. Good hygiene is complimentary. We also invented the hipster beard (and the internet).

Repertoire Live.

Video-Centric Live Event Production

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